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Nothing Special
(a sequel to Nothing Works)

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Nothing Special

The trees stand in the wind
The wind blows through the trees
Nothing special
Yet, poets write poems to the event
Extolling the moment
But neither the trees nor the wind care
Perhaps it is the eyes of Schrodinger's cat
That brings meaning to the moment
Where none exist
Still, the poems are lovely….




Shaza Kissa

“Welcome, sit down And have some tea.”

A fire is made
Water is boiled

And tea is served
Nothing complicated

Way of Tao

Is the Way of Tao
An easy way out?
A way to leave behind
All attachments
Needs and wants?

What is left then
To fill the void
The place/space
Between “I” and “Not-I”
Between “Yes” and “No”?

Within this point
Lies the Tao
The small way
Of an ordinary life
Nothing special

Flowing through
Around and in
The yin and yang
Of all under Heaven

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